Where to Buy Opal Card in Australia


The Opal card is a necessary tool if you’re traveling to Australia and want to use public transit to visit the stunning cities and areas. Australia’s New South Wales uses the Opal card as its smart card ticketing system for public transportation. It allows commuters to move easily between networks of trains, buses, ferries, and light rail, providing convenience and cost savings. We’ll explain where to get an Opal card in Australia in this article.

What is an Opal Card?

An Opal card is a cashless smart card that allows for hassle-free boarding on New South Wales’s trains, buses, ferries, and light rail systems. Users may enter and exit public transportation vehicles with just a tap of their Opal card on the specified card readers, simplifying the payment procedure.

Benefits of Using an Opal Card

Using an Opal card offers several benefits for commuters:

  1. Cost Savings: Opal cards provide discounted fares compared to purchasing individual tickets for each journey. They offer daily, weekly, and Sunday travel caps, ensuring you never pay more than a certain amount for your travels.
  2. Convenience: With an Opal card, you don’t need to worry about carrying cash or purchasing separate tickets for each trip. It’s a single card that covers all modes of public transportation.
  3. Seamless Transfers: The Opal card allows easy transfers between different modes of transport without the need to purchase separate tickets for each leg of the journey.
  4. Auto Top-Up: Users can set up auto top-up options, ensuring that their Opal card always has sufficient funds for travel.
  5. Travel History and Benefits: Opal cards provide access to travel history, allowing users to track their journeys. They also offer additional benefits like loyalty programs and discounts for frequent travelers.

Where to Buy an Opal Card

There are two primary ways to purchase an Opal card: online or from retail stores.

Online Purchase

To buy an Opal card online, visit the official Opal website or the Transport for NSW website. The online purchase process is straightforward and convenient. After completing your purchase, your Opal card will be delivered to your specified address.

Retail Stores

Opal cards are available for purchase at various retail stores, including convenience stores, newsagents, and selected supermarkets. These retail outlets serve as authorized Opal card retailers, allowing you to buy and top up your Opal card in person.

Some popular retail chains where you can buy an Opal card include:

  • 7-Eleven
  • Woolworths
  • Coles
  • Opal card machines at train stations and bus interchanges

How to Buy an Opal Card Online

To buy an Opal card online, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Opal website or the Transport for NSW website.
  2. Navigate to the “Opal Cards” section.
  3. Select the type of Opal card you require (e.g., Adult or Concession).
  4. Provide the necessary details, including your personal information and delivery address.
  5. Proceed to the payment section and complete the purchase.
  6. Your Opal card will be delivered to your specified address within the estimated delivery time.

How to Buy an Opal Card from Retail Stores

To purchase an Opal card from retail stores, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a nearby authorized Opal card retailer. You can find these retailers at convenience stores, newsagents, supermarkets, and Opal card machines at transport hubs.
  2. Visit the retailer and ask for an Opal card.
  3. Choose the type of Opal card that suits your needs (e.g., Adult or Concession).
  4. Pay the required amount for the card, which includes an initial balance.
  5. Your Opal card will be activated and ready to use immediately.

Opal Card Fare Types

There are two main fare types available for Opal cards: Adult Opal Card and Concession Opal Card.

Adult Opal Card

The Adult Opal card is suitable for individuals aged 16 years or older who are not eligible for concession fares. Adult Opal cardholders enjoy the full range of benefits and fare options available.

Concession Opal Card

Concession Opal cards are available for eligible groups, such as students, seniors, and pensioners. These cards offer discounted fares to make public transport more affordable for concession holders. To obtain a concession Opal card, you need to provide the necessary documentation to prove your eligibility.

Opal Card Top-Up Options

To ensure your Opal card has sufficient funds for travel, you can choose from various top-up options:

Top-Up Machines

Opal card top-up machines are available at train stations and bus interchanges. Simply follow the instructions on the screen, insert cash or use your debit/credit card, and add the desired amount to your Opal card.

Opal Retailers

Authorized Opal card retailers, including convenience stores and supermarkets, allow you to top up your Opal card while purchasing groceries or other items. Inform the cashier that you would like to top up your Opal card, provide the required amount, and the funds will be added to your card.

Opal Travel App

The Opal Travel App is a convenient way to manage your Opal card. It allows you to check your balance, view your travel history, top up your card, and even plan your journey using public transport.

Opal Card Usage Tips

Here are some useful tips to make the most of your Opal card:

  1. Always carry your Opal card with you when traveling on public transport.
  2. Remember to tap on and tap off when boarding and alighting from trains, buses, ferries, and light rail.
  3. Check your Opal card balance regularly and top up when needed to avoid insufficient funds during your journey.
  4. Register your Opal card online to access additional features and benefits.
  5. Take advantage of the Opal Travel App to plan your journeys and receive real-time travel updates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use an Opal card in other states of Australia?

No, the Opal card is only valid for travel within the New South Wales public transport network. Other states in Australia have their own smart card systems.

Q2: Can I get a refund for the remaining balance on my Opal card?

Yes, you can request a refund for any unused balanceon your Opal card. Visit the official Opal website or contact Opal customer service for more information on the refund process.

Q3: Can I use my Opal card on Sydney’s airport train?

Yes, you can use your Opal card on the airport train that connects Sydney Airport to the city center. However, please note that there is an additional station access fee for airport travel.

Q4: Can I lend my Opal card to someone else?

Opal cards are non-transferable, and each card should only be used by the registered cardholder. Lending your card to someone else may result in penalties or fines.

Q5: Are Opal cards valid for unlimited travel within a specific time period?

Opal cards offer daily, weekly, and Sunday travel caps, ensuring you never pay more than a certain amount for your travels within those time frames. Once you reach the cap, any additional trips within that period are free.


The Opal card is a convenient and cost-effective way to navigate Australia’s public transport system. Whether you’re exploring Sydney, Newcastle, or other regions in New South Wales, having an Opal card will make your journeys smoother and more affordable. Remember to purchase your Opal card either online or from authorized retail stores, and enjoy the benefits of discounted fares, seamless transfers, and convenient top-up options. Get your Opal card today and embark on an incredible adventure across Australia!

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