School bus transportation phone number usa


School bus transportation phone number usa

Here are some school bus transportation phone numbers in the USA:

1. First Student is a North American provider of school bus services. The company works with districts in 38 states and 7 Canadian provinces, carrying approximately 5M students daily. In addition to its regular routes, First Student also provides special-needs transportation, field trip services, and charter bus rentals.

First Student Phone number: 1-800-424-3788

2. Sprinter Bus offers bus services in popular routes between New York, Norfolk, Newport News, Hampton, Virginia Beach, and Dover. Find bus schedules, prices, bus stations, and view Sprinter bus reviews while you can easily book affordable bus tickets online.

Services Offered In: US East Coast

Sprint Bus Lines Phone number: 1-800-531-7450

3. Blue Bird Corporation, based in Macon, Georgia, is the leading manufacturer of school buses in North America. A wholly owned subsidiary of British bus maker Henlys Group plc since 1999, Blue Bird also manufactures high-end recreational vehicles and commercial buses geared toward charter, tour, and commuter usage.
Blue Bird: 1-800-331-9222

4. National Express: 1-800-223-3456

5. Transdev: 1-800-541-7744

6. Laidlaw Education Services: 1-800-527-2529

7. Rutter Bus Company: 1-800-424-2173

8. Schneider National: 1-800-447-7287

9. Harrison Transportation Group: 1-800-345-5195

Please note that these are just a few of the many school bus transportation companies in the USA. The phone number for your local school bus transportation company may vary.

You can also search for school bus transportation companies in your area by using a search engine like Google. Simply search for “school bus transportation” and your city or state.

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