Philips Trimmer Warranty Claim India



Philips products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and deliver high-quality performance, ease of use, and ease of installation. I In the unlikely event of a failure of the product, Philips will arrange for your Philips product to be serviced, free-of-charge when you inform us of the defect during the warranty period, provided that the product was used in accordance with the user manual (e.g. in the intended environment). For some product categories a partner company of Philips is the warrantor of the product; please check the documentation supplied with your product.


How can I claim a warranty on my Philips trimmer?

To obtain service within the warranty period please contact the consumer contact center via one of the contact methods indicated on this web site. When your product is no longer within the warranty, in some countries you can contact the nearest authorized service center directly.

Philips Trimmer  authorized service center

 Warranty Period
24-year warranty on product registration for  Philips Trimmer

Philips Trimmer Warranty Claim Hotline

Call: 800-419-8844
For any product related queries contact_us on: [1800-419-8844]

Where can you buy a Trimmer replacement blade?

Ans: Visit here ( )  to buy Trimmer Replacement Blade

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