KAT Bus services phone number


It might be difficult to find your way around a city, but with Knoxville’s KAT Bus services, you have a reliable and practical means of transportation at your disposal. Knoxville Area Transit, or KAT, provides a wide range of bus routes to meet different travel needs. In this post, we’ll examine the benefits of using KAT’s bus services, emphasizing its availability, cost, and dedication to environmentally friendly urban transportation.

KAT Bus services phone number
Kodiak Area Transit System (KATS) is the public transportation provider for Kodiak. KATS provides safe, convenient public transportation services within the City of Kodiak. Senior Citizens of Kodiak Inc. administers KATS and contracts with First Student Inc. who operates the system. Register to Ride and Catch the Bus Kodiak!

KAT Bus services phone number

Dial: 486-8308.

Register to Ride

New riders must register before using KATS. Our simple registration process can be started on our website here, or you may register in person, or by phone by calling 486-8308.

Scheduling and Ride Reservation Hours

Rides need to be scheduled by close of business the day before by calling 486-8308.

KATS office hours are: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Remember, if you need a ride on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, your reservation needs to be made by 5:30 pm on Friday.


Fares are $2.00 for each ride. Please call one of our friendly dispatchers to purchase reloadable fare passes at 486-8308 or cash is accepted on the bus. Please use the correct change since drivers do not make changes.

Hours of Service

Monday through Friday: between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm

Saturdays and Sundays: between 10 am and 3 pm

KAT’s Bus Services Improve Urban Mobility
Reliability and Convenience
Broad Route Coverage
Residents have access to important landmarks, educational institutions, business hubs, and recreational areas thanks to KAT’s bus services, which serve a large geographic area. The reduced demand for private vehicles due to its extensive coverage helps to ease traffic congestion.

Comprehensive Fare System
Passengers can use a single payment method on a variety of routes thanks to KAT’s integrated fare system, which speeds the payment procedure. By doing away with the necessity for several transactions, this convenience improves the overall travel experience.

Budget-Friendly Travel Options
Budget-Friendly Fares
Public transportation is a cost-effective option for everyday commutes or leisurely travel thanks to KAT’s Bus services’ affordable prices.

Discounted Programs and Passes
Students, the elderly, and people with disabilities can purchase discounted fares from KAT, making public transportation accessible to a wide range of users.

Sustainable Urban Transit
Initiatives for Sustainability at KAT
KAT is dedicated to preserving the environment and has taken steps including using buses that burn clean natural gas, introducing eco-friendly technologies, and encouraging energy-saving habits.

Streamlining Traffic and Cutting Emissions
KAT promotes a better and more livable urban environment by encouraging more people to use public transportation. This reduces traffic congestion and hazardous emissions.

Reservations for KAT Buses: Route Information and Schedules
By accessing route details and timetables via the KAT website or mobile app, travelers may simply plan their trips.

App for Live Tracking
With KAT’s real-time tracking app, passengers can keep track of the whereabouts of their bus, its anticipated arrival time, and any potential delays, guaranteeing a smooth and effective journey.

Your direct line to transit information is KAT’s bus number.
For travelers looking for details, assistance, or explanations regarding routes, schedules, prices, and other transit-related questions, KAT’s Bus phone number provides a direct line of communication.

Answering Common Questions
What is the location of the closest KAT bus stop?
You can use the route information on the KAT website or app to find the closest bus stop, or you can call the KAT Bus phone line for more specific guidance.

What forms of payment are accepted on KAT buses?
Cash, mobile applications, and pre-loaded fare cards are just a few of the payment options accepted on KAT buses. Payment across many routes is made simpler by the integrated fare system.

Are there special rates for elderly and students?
Yes, KAT gives qualifying elders and students discounted rates, giving these populations an economical means of transportation.

How do I express my opinion regarding KAT’s services or voice a concern?
By phoning the KAT Bus phone line, using the official KAT website, or downloading the KAT app, passengers can voice their opinions or report issues. The transit company values customer feedback to enhance its services.

Can people with impairments use paratransit services provided by KAT?
Yes, KAT provides paratransit services to make sure that people with disabilities have easy access to reliable transportation.

Knoxville’s urban mobility is anchored by KAT’s Bus services, which provide accessibility, affordability, and sustainability. Residents that embrace public transit and use KAT’s Bus services benefit from seamless travel while also helping to make the city more effective and environmentally sustainable.

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