Sentry safe factory code list


Sentry Safe is a well-known company that makes safe storage options like safes to keep valuables and important papers safe. The factory-set combination code is an important part of a Sentry Safe. This is a code that is set by the maker. In this Post, we’ll talk about the Sentry Safe factory code, what it means, and how it makes sure your safe is secure when you first get it.

Sentry safe factory code list

  • Some Sentry Safes have default codes that open the safe and reset the combination. All Security Safes come with the factory code 1-7-5-0-0-# while all Pistol Safes have the default code 1-2-3-4-1.
  • If you have a safe with a default factory code, reset it as soon as possible.

What is the Sentry Safe Factory Code?

The factory code for a Sentry Safe, also called the default combination, is a code that was set by the maker when the safe was made. When the safe is first bought, this code is used as the first password to open it. The factory code protects the safe while it is being shipped and handled. It also makes sure that only the owner can set a personal combination when the safe arrives.

Why is the Factory Code Important?

The factory code is needed to set up and secure the safe for the first time. When you buy a new Sentry Safe, you’ll need the factory code to open it for the first time. Once the safe is delivered, the person who bought it can change the password to a code that is unique to them. The factory code adds an extra layer of security while the safe is being shipped. It makes sure that only the legal owner can get into the safe until it reaches him or her.

How to Find Your Sentry Safe Factory Code?

Depending on the type and design of your Sentry Safe, you may or may not be able to find the factory code. The safe’s documentation and user manual, which come with the product, list the factory code and other important details. Most of the time, the factory code is written on a tag or sticker on the safe’s door or in the user instructions.

It is important to find the factory code and keep it in a safe place that is not the safe itself. Don’t put the factory code in the safe, because that would defeat the point of having a safe combination. Instead, keep it in a safe place, like a locked box or a password manager on your computer.

Resetting Your Safe’s Combination

After locating the factory code, the next step is to reset the combination to a personalized code. Follow these steps to set your desired combination:

  1. Open the Safe: Input the factory code on the safe’s combination dial and open the safe.
  2. Reset Function: Locate the reset function on the safe. The position and process of the reset function may vary based on the model. Refer to the user manual for precise instructions.
  3. Set Your Combination: Input your desired combination on the safe’s combination dial. Ensure that your chosen combination is easy to remember yet not easily guessable by others.
  4. Test the New Combination: After setting the new combination, test it a few times to make sure it opens the safe correctly.
  5. Keep the Combination Secure: Store the new combination in a safe and separate location from the safe itself.


The Sentry Safe factory code plays a crucial role in securing your safe during shipping and handling. It is essential to locate and keep the factory code in a secure place, separate from the safe, to maintain its security. Once you have accessed the safe with the factory code, promptly reset the combination to a personalized code to enhance security and prevent unauthorized access. By understanding the significance of the factory code and following the reset process, you can ensure the optimal security and protection of your valuable items and documents in your Sentry Safe.

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