Samsung Customer Service Centre in Causeway Point, Singapore


Samsung Customer Service Centre in Causeway Point, Singapore

Samsung Customer Service Centre @ Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square #01-01/02, Singapore 738099


*Provide services only For Mobile Device and Accessory services only

In view of Circuit Breaker, kindly note the revised operating hours for Samsung Service Centres from 7 April to 1 June 2020:
Monday – Saturday: 11am to 7pm
Sunday and public holiday: 11am to 5pm

Please note:
Provide your proof of purchase or warranty card for warranty verification. For power-related issues, please bring your charger, USB cable and battery for diagnostic purpose.

Samsung Mobile Customer service Number Singapore

Call: 1800-4252997
(1800 GALAXY S)
From Overseas +65 69161260
For Mobile Device and Samsung Apps Enquiries
Call: 1800-7267864
(1800 SAMSUNG)
From Overseas +65 69161261
For other Products Enquires

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1 thought on “Samsung Customer Service Centre in Causeway Point, Singapore”

  1. Hello,

    I am very disappointed with your Causeway Point Service Center. They did not provide the service level as promised. Even the lady manager I spoke to would not allow me to ask more technical questions pertaining to vulnerability and hacking issue on my new S21 Ultra and my older Note 9. I have been to the same Center multiple times to resolve the same issues but all they offer me was factory data reset without any analysis into possible vulnerability in their systems or even verify my existing phones were compromised.

    During my latest visit on Monday 23 May 2021, not only did they fail to take down the service order number 2307788827 given to me by their Mobile Call Center, they actually made my system worse with more settings denied and gave me a different service order number4324937735. They claimed they already knew what my issue was about and so did not ask for the service number given by their Call Center.

    Here are some vulnerabilities I discovered
    1) Expired AddTrust External CA Root
    2) AttestationKey_com_wssyncmldm in User Certificates ( I do not know how to check if this is valid)
    3) Selfie video size setting found in Screeshots and Screen Recorder (obvious spying capability)
    4) Samsung Location SDK with full permissions (obvious tracking capability)
    5) Problematic updates of Google Play Services and other google related system apps which caused security issues in my Google accounts and I was locked out of my accounts until I was given back OEM unlocking function in Developer Options that allowed me to stop services and troubleshoot. After I uninstalled their updates, my Google accounts were running again.
    6) Bluetooth, NFC and Wifi services should not be automatically turned on when the phone starts to prevent unauthorized download and program setups before user even gets a chance to block them.