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When you need support with your electronics, call the Plantronics customer service number. Their service agents are trained professionals who have worked hard to make it easy for you to resolve your issues. Whether you need to pair a Bluetooth device, update your headset, replace your Voyager series device, download a manual, or connect with one of their apps, they can give you the help you’re looking for. Both their phone lines and other contact methods are a great way for you get help whenever you need it.

Plantronics Customer Service Number

Through the Plantronics customer service number, you can get in direct contact with a support representative. This allows you to have immediate feedback on the issues you’re facing and resolve them before you ever hang up the phone. A live service representative can help you to download a manual for your device, update your headset, pair a Bluetooth device, check the warranty on your product, and find CSR training videos. Whatever task or problem you may need to take care of, there is a support agent who can assist you in a quick and convenient manner.

Call 1-855-765-7878

Plantronics Email Address

For some, writing out your question can be a lot easier than trying to express it verbally. If that is the case for you, then email is another great option you can use to get help from a live agent. You can send off your message and get a response within a day or two. The representative who receives your message can help you to download software, troubleshoot your Voyager headset, find a compatibility guide, and assist you in pairing a Bluetooth device. This option will allow you to get help while avoiding the possibility of wasting your time waiting on hold. Send your message by visiting and filling out the convenient contact form.

Plantronics Live Chat

When you visit you can start a live chat by clicking that option on the list of contact methods. You will then be able to instant message with a live representative who can give you immediate feedback. Whatever advice they give you can be tested right there so that you can ensure your problem is resolved. This method is especially helpful if you need assistance navigating the Plantronics website. You’re still at your computer and can see everything that the support agent is describing to you. This method will allow you to get immediate help while minimizing the hassle that comes with more traditional contact options.

Plantronics Customer Support Site

If you run into an issue outside of business hours, it can be difficult to get in touch with a live agent. Instead of wasting time trying to contact them, you can simply visit the Plantronics customer support site. Their service representatives have populated the site with an extensive database of frequently asked questions and other support articles. From tracking your device in the mail to reviewing warranties and manuals, you will find the help that you need without having to talk with a live agent. You can view the site at any time, and you may even find that there is really no need to talk with a live agent. To start solving your issues on your own, visit

Plantronics Social Media

Plantronics understands how important social media can be to their business. Not only do they see it as a way to advertise, but as a good way to connect customers and service agents. When you need help, you can simply visit your favorite social media platform and start talking to people who have answers. With trained professionals and other customers on the pages, you are sure to get plenty of formal troubleshooting methods, as well as practical advice that has already been tested by others. You can get help downloading Plantronics apps, updating your headset software, troubleshooting a Bluetooth connection, and viewing the warranty on your product.

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About Plantronics

Plantronics is a premier producer of communication hardware and software. From gaming headsets to Bluetooth communication devices for the office, they can provide the products you need. They work hard to ensure your products are always up to date and can perform when you need them to. If you run into problems, their website and service agents are prepared to assist you in restoring your communication and audio devices. Depend on them for your music, office, and gaming needs.

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