Oneplus Service Centre in Abu Dhabi


Oneplus Regional Service Centre – Abu Dhabi –

Meena Port, Store no no. 270, Street no. 9, P O Box 3832, Abu Dhabi

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Contact No:  971 2 6733923 (OA), 971 2 6730206 (Sony) ,971 2 6732201 (IT)

Working Hours:

Saturday-Thursday, 9:00 AM-5:30 PM,Friday Closed

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3 thoughts on “Oneplus Service Centre in Abu Dhabi”

  1. Hi,

    Could i get the details about the Oneplus service center and the location in Abu Dhabi. I am having warranty and I want to check all the things and conditions of my phone. Could you please send me all the details about the same.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jo T James

  2. OnePlus Nord Screen Detachment Warranty Claim

    Dear OnePlus Service Center,

    I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to report a serious issue with my OnePlus Nord phone that I purchased on the first of this month. The phone’s screen has unexpectedly detached from the middle of the upper part of the device, rendering it unusable. I believe this problem falls under warranty coverage, and I am seeking assistance in resolving this matter promptly.

    Issue Details:
    Product: OnePlus Nord
    Serial Number:
    Purchase Date: 1 July 2023
    Issue: Screen Detachment from the middle of the upper part of the phone

    Description of the Issue:
    On the 26th of this month, while I was using the OnePlus Nord, the screen detached from the middle of the upper part of the phone without any physical impact or accidental damage. There were no signs of cracks or previous damages on the screen prior to this incident. The detachment has affected the phone’s functionality, making it impossible to use or access any applications.

    Steps Taken:

    I immediately stopped using the phone after noticing the screen detachment to prevent further damage.
    I checked the phone for any signs of physical damage, but there were none, indicating a manufacturing or assembly defect.
    I contacted Amazon Customer Service, who informed me that the phone is not eligible for replacement under their return policy as it has been more than 15 days since the purchase date.
    I am now seeking assistance from OnePlus Service Center to address this issue under the warranty coverage.
    Request for Warranty Claim:
    Given that the issue is not due to any mishandling on my part, I believe it falls under the warranty coverage provided by OnePlus. I kindly request your support in processing a warranty claim for my OnePlus Nord device.

    Please note that I bought this phone as a replacement for my OnePlus Nord that I bought on 30 Dec 2020 and since then I’m a OnePlus customer.

    I am eager to have this matter resolved promptly as the phone is my primary communication device and an essential tool for both personal and professional use.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and assistance in initiating the warranty claim process.

    Faroug Ibrahim Abdalaziz Mohammed

  3. Hello
    This is abdulla alhassan
    I have oneplus 11 ( GB 256 ) E SIM
    It’s broke because it’s coming water inside and all PHONE SERVICE CENTERS in bahrain told me must be change the motherboard

    How much ?