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About Omegle

Omegle is a free online chat website that allows users to socialize with others without the need to register. The service randomly pairs users in one-on-one chat sessions where they chat anonymously using the names “You” and “Stranger” or “Stranger 1” and “Stranger 2” in the case of Spy mode

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Omegle Customer Service number for US Clients, email id, and other best ways to reach Omegle Customer Service executive just call or send a mail to Customer service to get your problem resolved.

 Omegle customer service Number

Omegle’s customer service phone number is 1800, and that number is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week

 Omegle Support email Address

Omegle Email Address is

If you face any issue related to Omegle Product or Service, you can email him at with your mobile number, problem statement, and relevant screenshots (if any).

Omegle customer support representative will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

How to contact Omegle on Social Media?

Visit official Omegle Twitter support page—Omegle Twitter support team will provide 24×7 Twitter support for all your Omegle’s Issue related queries.

just tweets @

You can also get help from Omegle’s Official Social Media Page.


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  1. Dear omegle
    There is a girl that is making other girls show things and recoreds them and says if they dont do something the video will get posted on to the internet which is make young girls vulnerable and scared can you please sort this out

      • My name is Larry rejcek and somehow to be born in me when I did nothing wrong I was just trying to meet people and others people exposing themselves I hurried up and pack them down but did not know how to report them!!! Please give me another chance and get back on Omega app thank you

    • Me too I’m banned from *Omegle* I really want to be on band I really do because it was my first time going on amigo and I guess I said something inappropriate because I got banned permanently

  2. I’m incredibly sorry I thought I had deleted my tab for Omegle but accidentally left it on ,then later well lying on my bed watching YouTube naked I heard someone laugh and then realised that the camera was on and instantly flick the camera to face down I’m really sorry its actually under my grandparents ip adress in Plymouth ,capstone ,yelveton. please may you unbanned it I didn’t mean to cause any unconvenionce

  3. Im really sorry im only 14 and on the 25th at 10pm I got banned for nudity but I didn’t mean to I was using Omegle and then deleted the tab but then found out it wasn’t deleted. So I was lying on my bed naked not knowing someone was watching me and heard laughing and that’s when I realised I hadn’t deleted the tab. please can you. unbanned me because didn’t mean to and im really embarrassed because it was at my grandparents house which is Plymouth, Yelveton, Crapstone
    please email I really don’t want everyone in my family to know please

  4. Hello I see many users have been banned from omegle. I used it for years and never got banned or something, we used to tell whatever we liked. If now there are certain rules for our behavior in omegle unfortunately I was not aware of it and I am terribly sorry if I said something wrong. I would like to have my ban removed and I will be much more strict with myself now.

  5. Dearest to Omegle I am incredibly sorry for my behavior towards you guys and I had gotten banned for my actions and I am so sorry and won’t put your website at risk at all I am 14 years old African American and I fake my age for the wrong reasons with people. People had told me making mistakes is whats makes you human I am asking for another chance and I will pray every day for you to give me another chance. I hope you have a great day and please try to understand where I’m and I swear I will never use Omegle again in my life, please. Please be safe God Bless Of you.

  6. Bonjour, j’ai un problème avec mon Omegle, je m’explique:
    Quand j’ouvre3 mon navigateur, que je vais sur Omegle et que coche les instruction obligatoire, la page se charge, ma caméra en bas de l’écran charge, elle s’active je vois bien ma tête. Mon problème, est que la page charge en boucle et n’affiche pas les autres participant d’Omegle.
    Avez-vous une solution à mon problème ?
    Si oui je laisse mon mail ainsi que mon prénom si dessous.
    (PS je ne suis pas bannis, car sinon la page ne chargerait pas)

  7. Hello, I have a problem with my Omegle, let me explain:
    When I open3 my browser, go to Omegle and check the mandatory instructions, the page loads, my camera at the bottom of the screen loads, it activates, I can clearly see my head. My problem is that the page loads in a loop and does not display other Omegle participants.
    Do you have a solution to my problem?
    If so, I leave my email and my first name below.
    (PS I’m not banned, otherwise the page wouldn’t load)

  8. Can i just say that your website is inconsistently shit. While people can get their cocks out without punishment in the mean time im getting banned for showing a potential friend how a game works to see if they like it. like what the fuck kind of logic is that?!
    Literally went on your site to try and make some new friends or at least have an interaction with someone about a common interest and you are going to punish me for it. Meanwhile there are paedos and horny perverts infesting your site and you do nothing about it.

    Classic corporate bullshit

  9. Everytime I go on Omegle it says error connecting to server and my internet connection is fine it’s been like this for a week and I don’t know what else to do please help!!

  10. Hi. I got banned for no reason and would like to get unbanned. All i was doing was talking to NON HORNY people. And, this guy, reported me and a couple of my friends for “Harrasment”. Please unban me.
    Warm regards~ Deacon *****

    • Literally man same happened to me we innocent people don’t report anyone is that the reason we are getting banned make ways to catch the predators omegle not normal people who are using ur freaking website i literally have self respect and i won’t let u ruin it unban me now and all the people commenting here

  11. okay so omegle has been popping up “ captcha “ .. it won’t stop and it’s kinda weird considering we haven’t done anything wrong on this website.. i would like to know why it’s doing this..

  12. Sorry sir i broke tearm and conditions please Stop bann frome me i will no gon do this type of mistake if you Stop my bann i am no go now do this type

  13. everytime i skip someone or they skip me its always asking me if I am a robot even if i had already answered the questions multiple times before.

  14. Man you banning people for absolutely no reason mate i literally did nothing inappropriate and u banned me instead of millions of bastards showing freaking adult content on it, u kiding me man seriously check into my account and remove the ban now i am pissed.

  15. Reply me on my email i need answers i don’t care about ur corporate shit i am clean i was clean all the time, i myself don’t like any bullshit first examine a person then put a ban on him right i don’t wanna be disrespectful but respect is give and take u took it from me now unban me u really pissed me off man i am banned for not talking to people coz i was playing chess and this omegle shit was still working whats my mistake hun?

  16. I was banned on Omegle for no reason I am of age and am allowed to go on it I am also being responsible while using the sight. Is there any way I can get unbanned?

  17. ciao, per favore annullami da omegle. Ho più di 18 anni e seguo tutte le regole. devo essere stato bannato per errore grazie!

  18. Hello Omegle I’m looking for a young man I was talking to yesterday and I lost track please I didn’t have time to ask for his contact and I was banned it’s really urgent please please.