NatWest Chatham Customer Service Centre


NatWest Chatham Customer Service Centre

 Chatham Customer Service Centre,
Western Avenue, Chatham Maritime,
Chatham, ME4 4RT DR

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  1. I David Christopher Baxter
    41 Forest Drive Forest Hills 3610 South Africa
    Cell +27 824613885
    Email dcbaxter@ tech5mail,co,za
    I have a Natwest Select Account Wimbledon Branch

    I don’t know how else to turn to and am hoping you can help me.
    I have repeatedly since 19/01/2022 tried to find a way to do an urgent withdrawal from my account
    and have the funds sent to my Nedbank a/c in South Africa .
    I have phoned 4 or 5 times using+44 3457888444 and Your online CORA system but it does not address this type of situation.
    I filled out your Personal Application for online Banking on the 19/1/2022 and emailed it to because our postal services are in a very bad state and even having it Registered and Air mailed I had very little chance of it arriving your end,
    The email did go through and even requesting for confirmation his side and 2 more follow up request of its receipt I got nothing back .
    Look forward to a way to do this transaction securely and as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards
    David Baxter

  2. I am writing in relation to Carol Elizabeth Gibson who has an account with your branch – Ref. A/C # 65324552. Over the last 2 + years I have had several conversations with people at your branch endeavouring to close the account and to have the funds transferred to Mrs Gibson’s bank account. To date no progress has been made. Mrs Gibson has been diagnosed with dementia and there is a Power of Attorney in favour of her only daughter with whom she is currently living . Copies of relevant documents will be emailed to you when I receive an email address. If an appropriate person at your branch could call me to discuss this situation on 61 403 247 307 it would be helpful and hopefully save time in getting this matter resolved. Mrs Gibson returned to Australia several years ago with her husband who died on 27/01/19. I am a chartered accountant and have looked after the family affairs for some 50 years. Gavin W Low FCA.

  3. Good Afternoon,
    Christopher John Sherwood NI No.YZ099026B
    NatWest cash ISA Transfer Request Acc.No.54154030 Sort code 544154
    On the 8th April 2022 I sent you a request to transfer my cash ISA Investment currently held with Quilter Investments Southampton ISA No.AC2547931-002 to my NatWest ISA Account above. Have you communicated with Quilter Investments?. Can I please have an update as to the progress of this transaction.
    Your response would be much appreciated by return.
    Kind regards,
    Chris Sherwood

  4. I want to do online banking for a limit account, I’ve asked before why can’t I go to my local branch in Maidstone?

  5. I have to day recieved a letter at 36a Orchard Avenue, Poole, BH14 8AJ addressed to a Miss Nazeer.

    I do not know this person.

    Yours Faithfully

    C R Witcombe

  6. Dear Sirs,

    We have a direct complaint to your bank. The account IBAN GB 895NWBK60012749299387 has been opened under a name of Flannery Beef LLC, San Rafael, California USA. We have sent to him USD from our Swiss based account with UBS. The account is opened or under a fraudulent ownership. UBS has claimed the money of USD 93.013.57 back. Your bank has not answered and we have involved the Swiss Police, UBS and will immediately contact the FCA, SERS and the market surveillance team in the UK. The case is reported and UBS has made two claim back requests which have not been answered. I have sent a copy of my claim to your IR and Media team.

    NapaWine as the claimant understands the UK KYC rules and the YES-Check Claim of NatWest. We will reach out to further institutions if the money is not immediately sent back to our UBS bank-account.

    I can send you all the details to a direct e-mail adress which you can send to me.

    Best regards,
    Gregor Greber

    Chairman NapaWine AG, Brandschenkestrasse 130, 8002 Zurich / Switzerland
    0041 78 625 80 80