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Mobile Legends Customer Service Singapore contact information as well as a brief overview of Mobile Legends. For any questions, complaints, or feedback, please contact the support team below.

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Contact Mobile Legends: On this Page, you will be Found Mobile Legends customer service Contact details for Singapore customers, including support email Addresses, phone numbers, live Chat support links.

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Mobile Legends Singapore


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Mobile Legends Customer Service number for Singapore Clients, email id, and other best ways to reach Mobile Legends Customer Service executive just call or send a mail to Customer service to get your problem resolved.

Mobile Legends Customer Service Number Singapore

Call: 1N/A

You can get customer service assistance via the [Contact Us] button in the game to help you with any problems you may encounter while playing.

Mobile Legends support Email Address

Email Support:

In addition, If the problem with Mobile Legends Product or Service, you can email him at with your mobile number, problem statement, and relevant screenshots (if any).

Mobile Legends customer support representative will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

For more recent changes or updates, please visit

you will also get instant support on Twitter

Visit official Mobile Legends Twitter support page—Mobile Legends Twitter support team will provide 24×7 Twitter support for all your Mobile Legends’s Issue related queries.

just tweets @

You can also get help from Mobile Legends’s Official Social Media Page.

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14 thoughts on “Mobile Legends Singapore”

  1. The most toxic game ever in this world, been playing this game for more than 3 years and montoon always pairs me up with f nobs while opponents are pro af, I love this game but the pairing is way too unfair for a player who struggles to rank up, that’s why I deleted that Game THANK YOU

  2. my mobile legend account suddenly cant login.
    and i redownload the mobile legend in my phone, it will auto become new account…. please help me restore back the account.

  3. Hi ML Supports,

    My mobile legend account suddenly cant login.
    It auto become new account. Please help me restore back the account.

    Thanks & Regards,

  4. hello my name is Andrzej Kowalczuk I am writing to you because my mlbb account has been stolen I am a very active player for two years I have been regularly investing in diamonds so I have managed to collect many heroes and skins so I really care about recovering my account I can prove that I am its owner and I have it Correspondence that the thief in which he himself admits to hacking my account, I am asking for help in this matter. LAWOK 244444430 (6091), this is my hacked account

  5. Hello sir :
    I’m messaging you because sometimes when I just play bad and I get report I do lose a lot of points and unfortunately the other players when they play bad and I report they are just shut down for mute few hours .Why you guys you don’t check properly and fix this problem and ask more questions about what the player done .and I believe this I a really good game but if you don’t fix this problem I will be very disappointed.
    Thank you

  6. Hi faculty of mobile legends,
    This is one Singapore user with the account ID to be 1106972802. I have received a penalty mute of 2 hours since 1st of May. However, this mute is still ongoing and it is significantly affecting my game playing. Could you please let me know when it can be finished?


  7. My account has been hacked please help me. What should i do if customer service haven’t reply after 2 days. Please help me 😭

  8. I am in the rank grandmaster one, and when I was playing my rank up game, the teammates in my team were playing like bots and feeding so much while I was getting kills but I was not able to make a comeback as my teammates were so bad that they just kept dying to the enemy team who had actual players that do not feed and they fight well as a team. however my teammates keep dying therefore we lost.
    Next I reported them after the game but I still lost a star to the game that I lost I would like to have a change that whenever I file valid reports I can still get my star back even though I lost the game since the teammates your system gave me were probably not the same rank as I am as the skill difference is so large that anyone could tell that my teammates we actually players who play like beginners who do not know how to play this game.
    After that I entered another rank game and my teammates were also more bot like players who play like bots and beginners who do not know how to play this game.
    I was so angry that I do not even want to play this game anymore.
    Please give me better teammates I recharged diamonds so many times and what do I get in return? Shitty draw rewards and shit players
    Also, I would wish that you change your system to put me with more of the local players as I live in Singapore which means I should get more locals as teammates not Indonesians or people from other Asian countries that have no skill.
    I can play against players from other countries but I wish to have players from my local country to be on my team as most of my teammates that are from other countries have like no skill at all.
    My MLBB id is 1138361580(13596) and my MLBB name is pogchamp69 so please give me actual players that are at my rank or level for teammates and not players with no skill at all