LG washer Error Codes


Error code systems are included in LG washers to aid in locating and resolving problems with the appliance. Following is a list of typical LG washer problem codes along with their definitions:

Error Code Description
IE Washer is not spinning
UE Washer is unbalanced
dE Washer door was unable to lock
PF Power failure
CL Child lock mode
dF Door switch error
HE Hot water thermistor error
LE Leak detected
OE Overfill error
PE Pump error
SE Suds error
UE2 Unbalanced error 2
UE3 Unbalanced error 3


Error Code OE – A drainage issue is indicated by the OE error code. It indicates that the water cannot be adequately drained from the washer. Inspect the drain itself, the drain pump filter, and the drain hose for obstructions or clogs. Make sure sufficient drainage is in place and remove any blockages.

Error Code UE – The UE error code stands for “Unbalanced Error.” It denotes that the load cannot be distributed evenly by the washer during the spin cycle. Restart the cycle after opening the washer and rearranging the contents for greater balance. It could be essential to further disperse the load or eliminate some things if the issue continues.

Error Code LE – An issue with the washer’s motor is suggested by the LE error code. It can be a sign of a motor overload or a problem with the actual motor. Turn off the washer, wait a few minutes, then restart it to fix the issue. The motor or associated components may need to be diagnosed and repaired by a specialist if the mistake continues.

Error Code FE – A water overflow issue is indicated by the FE error code. It indicates that the washer has received an excessive amount of water or that the water level sensor is broken. Look for any leaks or excessive water flow at the water input valve. The water level sensor or other relevant components might need to be fixed if the problem persists.

Error Code IE – “Water Inlet Error” is the meaning of the IE error code. It implies that there is an issue with the washer’s water supply. Verify that the input hoses are not kinked or blocked and that the water supply valves are fully open. Make sure there is enough water pressure.

Error Code dE or dE1 – An issue with the door or lid is indicated by the dE or dE1 error code. It indicates that the washer is unable of determining when the door or lid has been properly closed. Verify the door or lid alignment and look for any impediments. Make sure it is shut tightly before attempting to restart the cycle.

Error Code PE – A issue with the water pressure sensor is indicated by the error code PE. The washer is not sensing the proper water pressure, which is what it indicates. Verify that the water input hoses are connected correctly and that the water supply valves are completely open.

The temperature sensor is malfunctioning, as indicated by the error number tE. It indicates that the washer is failing to detect the proper water temperature. Make that the water intake hoses are connected correctly and that the hot and cold water supply valves are completely open.

Just a few samples of LG washer trouble codes are shown below. Consult the washer’s user manual or get in touch with LG customer care for more help if you get an error code that is not listed here or if the problem still persists after troubleshooting. Depending on the model of your washer and the fault number that was shown, they can offer detailed advice.

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