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Advertisement is a Canadian online classified advertising website that operates as a centralized network of online communities, organized by city and urban region, for posting local advertisements. Kijiji was launched in February 2005 as an eBay subsidiary and become part of the eBay Classifieds Group in 2007.

Kijiji App Customer Service Contact Details

Here you will Find the Kijiji Customer Service Number, Email ID,  Complaint Number, and Other Best Method  To reach Kijiji Customer Service Executives.

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If you want to make contact with Kijiji, the Best way to contact them is to contact them via Email or by App.


Customer Service Number
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Email Support :

Official Website:

Helpdesk/Support Page

 Office Address

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Kijiji App Customer Service Number

Kijiji  Customer Service Number

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Kijiji App Customer support Email

If you face any problem with Kijiji, you can email Kijiji Support Team at with your Registered  mobile number or email ID with  Feedback / Complaint/Issue with Kijiji, and relevant screenshots (if any). A Kijiji customer support representative will get in touch with you to help resolve the issue.

Best ways to contact Kijiji Customer Service Executives.

Here is the process to contact Kijiji Customer care immediately and get a response fast,

1. first open the Kijiji App

2. reach out to the Kijiji support center

3. tap on customer support/Help/Chat/contact us button

4. select the category you need help

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Android :


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