IRS acs correspondence address


If you have received a notice from the IRS regarding your tax account, you may need to correspond with them to resolve the issue. The IRS has several addresses that you can use for correspondence, depending on the nature of your communication. For correspondence related to the Automated Collection System (ACS), you can use the following address:

IRS acs correspondence address

Internal Revenue Service Attention: ACS Support P.O. Box 7125 Philadelphia, PA 19101-7125

When corresponding with the ACS unit, it is important to include your name, taxpayer identification number (such as your Social Security number or employer identification number), and the tax period or tax years to which your correspondence relates. It is also recommended that you include a copy of any notices or letters you have received from the IRS related to your tax account.

The ACS unit handles collection issues related to unpaid taxes, including the collection of delinquent taxes and the negotiation of payment plans or other payment arrangements. If you have received a notice from the ACS unit, it is important to respond in a timely manner to avoid further collection action, such as a tax lien or levy on your property or wages.

In conclusion, if you need to correspond with the IRS regarding an issue related to the Automated Collection System, you can use the address provided above. Make sure to include all necessary information and documentation to ensure that your correspondence is processed efficiently and accurately. If you need assistance or have further questions, you can contact the IRS directly by phone or visit their website for additional resources and information.

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