How to Claim PIP Successfully


Making a declare for the ease Personal Independence Payment (PIP) can take a long time. It can steadily soak up to 4 months from starting the application to getting your money (will have to you’re terminally unwell your declare can also be processed additional in short).

If you’re transferring from DLA to PIP your expenses won’t save you while you’re taking a look ahead to your PIP declare to be processed, as long as you make your declare for PIP within 28 days of being prompt in the course of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) that you just could have to. Your PIP expenses gets began the day after your DLA value stops.

If you don’t seem to be getting DLA, your first value for PIP gets began from the date you make your declare. It will cover the time frame it takes the DWP to make its solution. PIP can’t be backdated, so you’re going to now not get any money for the time quicker than you make your declare.

You could have to you can need to’re able and have all of the similar wisdom to allow you to make your declare.

The claims process

There are 3 stages to your declare:

  1. Start your declare via contacting the DWP and filling in a type referred to because the PIP1 form – you can be in a position to do this on the phone
  2. Fill throughout the form they send you – that is referred to as the PIP2 form
  3. Go to a face-to-face analysis – most of the people have to do this (on the other hand you won’t will have to you’re terminally ill)

It can soak up to 2 weeks for the DWP to send you a PIP2 declare form.


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You can get started your PIP declare by means of filling in a PIP1 shape. You can do that both: by means of phone – a DWP adviser will fill within the PIP1 shape throughout the decision, it will have to take 20 mins; by means of publish – you’ll ask the DWP to ship you a paper replica of the PIP1 shape, then fill it in when it arrives and publish it again; Worth understanding . It’s absolute best to get started your declare by means of phone as a result of it is sooner and your PIP …

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To make a a success declare for PIP, a teenager wishes to ranking 8 issues to qualify for the usual fee of the day-to-day dwelling or mobility part; 12 issues or extra qualifies them for the improved charges. What advantages can I declare if I will’t paintings? In this phase. Check what advantages to declare if you are ill or disabled. Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) Personal Independence Payment …

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