How do I complain to Hearst magazine?



During the Relevant Period,

editorial complaints were submitted to an email address that was administered by the legal team. However, due to the lack of structure in the format, the email address was not used correctly and was used for non-editorial complaints (e.g. subscription issues or general feedback). As a result of this, and following the launch of IPSO, the complaints process was updated and a Complaints Form was implemented.

The Complaints Form is available as part of our Complaints Policy which is available on all magazine websites and also on the central Hearst website (http://www,

When an individual calls, emails or writes to make a complaint, they will be asked to submit the complaint in writing to or directed to the Complaints Policy on the relevant website.

Once a Complaint is submitted it is automatically directed to an inbox administered by the legal team. An initial response is provided to the complainant, either asking for further information or acknowledging the complaint and explaining that it is being investigated. An investigation is then carried out by the legal team with the Editor and journalists in question before a full substantive response is provided to the complainant.


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