Honda all bike failure code


Ever since the BS6 bike came, it is difficult to repair it because these bikes have many sensors, so it is not easy to know which sensor is bad.

The company has fitted the bike with a check engine light which is located in the meter box. When there is a fault in the sensor of the bike, it will light up.

How to find out how many times the light is on?

When there is a fault in the bike, then the bike light will come on slowly and quickly. For example, if a light blinks in one second, we will count ten, and if it blinks quickly, we will count only one.

What is the way to find errors?

Failure code detection detects how often the check engine light comes on

For example, there is an oxygen sensor on the bike, so how would the light come on? Sensor 21 says the light will blink twice low and once high, indicating a failure. this way you can know

1.code (1)manifold absolute pressure sensor/sensor bad or wire cut

2.code (7)engine oil temperature sensor/ sensor defective or wire cut

3.code (8) Throttle position sensor / sensor bad or wire cut

4.code (9) intake air temperature sensor/ sensor defective or wire cut

5.code (12) fule injector/ bad or wire cut

6.code (21) oxygen sensor/ bad or wire cut

7.code (52) ACG starter / engine charger coil fault

8.code (82) starter solenoid / bad or wire cut

9.code (91)ignition coil / bad or wire cut

10.code (91)EVAP solenoid/ bad wire or wire shorted


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