google pay error code 1008


Google Pay Error Code 1008

“Error code 1008” is nothing more than an error code that provides information regarding the problem that includes the reason why it occurred, the component or program failed to function as well as other information. The country of India, Google Pay (G-Pay) is among the most well-known digital wallets. When millions of people utilize the application each month, problems are bound to occur. Google Pay isn’t an exception.

There have been a variety of issues Google Pay customers have had to address, but the error code 1008 for Google Pay has left many customers upset at the moment. Many users of Google Pay have experienced receiving an error code 1008 when transferring funds or connecting their bank accounts to the application. If you’re experiencing issues getting error 1008 error message on Google Pay don’t be concerned. We’ve prepared a guide to show users how you can fix the issue with the least effort.


How to Fix the Google Pay Error Code 1008.

It’s easy to repair Google Pay error 1008, once you understand how to solve it. To resolve Google Pay error code 1008, follow the steps below. Google Pay error 1008, you must follow the steps below,

  1. Clear the cache of Google Pay App
  2. Google Pay is updated to the most recent version. Google Pay
  3. Stop the force Google Pay
  4. Permissions for Apps to be granted
  5. Make sure you are connected to the internet.
  6. Restart your mobile phone

1. Clear the cache of Google Pay App

Due to the issues caused by cached data due to issues caused by cached data, the Google Pay app may become stuck on your phone, and repeat the same actions repeatedly. If you remove the cached data then Google Pay will restart. Google Pay software will resume at the beginning, with no need for any cached memory previously saved.

To clear the caches, open your Settings and go to Apps. Locate Google Pay in the Apps list and choose the Storage option. Here you’ll find”Clear Cache “Clear Cache” option. Select it and all caches are removed.

2. Google Pay is updated to the most recent version. Google Pay

Google Pay is constantly updated to address bugs and problems. You should ensure that you are using the latest version of the application installed on your device. If you are using an old version, visit your app store to download the latest version.

3. Stop the force Google Pay

Try Force stopping the app and then restarting it. Go to Settings, then to Apps. Locate Google Pay in the Apps list. Click the Force Stop button, which will stop the processing for using the Google Pay app immediately. Then, open the Google Pay app and test again.

4. Allow app permissions

If you’re the first to start and configure Google Pay, when you first open and set up the Google Pay app, you’ll be asked to authorize access to the phone’s camera contact, location, storage phones, microphones, as well as SMS among others. If you’re not granted one of these rights and you don’t, you’ll get a Google Pay failure code of 1008 could be displayed.

To grant permission, visit your phone’s settings and then open apps, then search and select Google Pay and click on the Permissions tab on the page for the app. Allow every important permission like location, contacts, SMS, GPS, etc.

5. Restart your mobile phone

Try restarting your mobile in the event that you encounter the error code 1008 frequently. When you reboot your phone it will clear all memory cached and unneeded data off the system. This allows the Google Pay app to start new and repair minor issues by itself.

Use the steps mentioned above to fix your issue Google Pay Error Code 1008. Read this article to find more related content.

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