Globe sms center number


Are you having problems with messages on your phone, such as being unable to send any message to anyone? If so, contact the service provider’s message center number to resolve the issue. You can find the Globe message center numbers in all operational circles if you have a Globe connection.

From here, you will find the Globe SMS center number for each state in India. If you have any issues, you can go to your message settings and change the number of the message center. Once you have done this, the message-related problem should be solved.

Globe sms center number


Can’t Send Text Messages

These steps will help you if you can’t send text messages.

  1. Restart your mobile phone.
  2. If the problem persists then turn off your mobile phone. For around 30 seconds, take out your SIM card. This should restart your network connection.
  3. After your phone is reactivated, ensure that your Airplane Mode is off.
  4. You can still send messages if you don’t have the right settings. You should dial +639170000130 for your message center, and ensure that you have sufficient space in your message inbox memory.
  5. Even if your settings are correct you might have made a mistake with the format. If you send texts abroad, ensure that your phone number and country code are correct. The format should be “+”, which means that the country code is + the area/access code and the number.
  6. Sending texts to the Philippines? Check out your recipient’s number. It should contain an 11-digit code, such as 09171234567.

Why do SMS fail to send?

Invalid Numbers. This is the main reason text message delivery can fail. Imagine a message being sent from an inaccessible number. In this situation, the message won’t be delivered. This is similar to an incorrect email address. The phone company will notify you that the entered number is invalid.



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