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Foxtel Play won’t load on my Sony Smart TV or Blu-Ray Player

Playback Error Workaround
(PE8000): Unknown player error Navigate to the Home screen or change channel
(PE8001): Latency on video/audio fragments from the CDN Navigate to the Home screen or change channel
(PE8002): DRM decoding error Exit the Foxtel app and re-launch
(PE8005): Incorrect metadata causing playback to fail Navigate to the Home screen or change channel
(PE8006): CDN token has expired resulting in failed playlist request Navigate to the Home screen
(PE8007): DRM license failure Navigate to the Home screen; Exit the Foxtel app and re-launch
(PE8008): Attempting to scrub (RWD/FFWD) linear streams outside of the 30 minute window Navigate to the Home screen or change channel
(PE8009): Failure to initialise the decoder Navigate to the Home screen or change channel


Error codes on your Foxtel Now box

PE8000 – Playback error, PE8001 – Playback error, PE8002 – Playback error, PE8005 – Playback error, PE8006 – Playback error, PE8007 – Playback error, PE8008 – Playback error, PE8009 – Playback error


F0100 – No satellite signal is being received
This error commonly occurs due to signal issues from the satellite dish to the Foxtel box, often caused by poor weather conditions (e.g., high wind, heavy cloud cover, and rain), buildings or trees obstructing the signal to the satellite dish, or an issue with the cabling to the Foxtel wall plate, or from the wall plate to the box.
Check for satellite dish obstructions
Sometimes bad weather, outages and obstructions can cause signal issues.

  • If you’re experiencing poor weather conditions, this can disrupt your Foxtel signal and you may need to wait for the weather to clear up.
  • Obstructions such as trees or recent construction can interrupt your satellite signal. If you’re experiencing an obstruction, get in touch with us via Live Chat and we can organise for the dish to be relocated.

F0161 – Enter PIN

Try using the default PIN
Check if the default PIN has been changed on the box:

  1. Press Home on the Foxtel remote.
  2. Scroll left to the Settings icon.
  3. On the Settings menu, select Parental Control.
  4. On the Enter PIN pop-up screen, enter the default PIN 1-2-3-4.

If the PIN is correct, we recommend changing it to a four-digit number you’ll remember.

  1. Select Change PIN.
  2. Enter your new PIN, then enter it again to confirm it. Your PIN has now been changed.
  3. Select OK to return to normal viewing.

If the PIN is incorrect, this means the PIN has been changed. If you’re not sure what the PIN has been changed to, you can reset your PIN by clicking the button below.





If there’s no bad weather and nothing in the way of your dish, continue troubleshooting.
Book a service call
We may need to send a Foxtel technician to help resolve this issue. To book in a technician visit, reach out to us via Live Chat

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