Electricity Smart Meter Error Codes


We sometimes have problems with the smart energy meter, like when the alarm light is always on. What do we need to do? We’ve put together a full list of smart meter error numbers in the hopes that it will help you.


Err-01: Control loop error. When the leftover amount is 0 yuan, the meter relay is disconnected and the control switch is turned off. When something is wrong with the switch or the electric meter, the electric energy meter can still use electricity, and the LCD will show “ERR-01” after decreasing by 1kWh. When the power is turned off, “ERR-01” goes away, and the LCD of the electric meter shows “ERR-01” after running for 1kWh. When the user buys electricity, the overdraft electricity fee will be taken out immediately, and “ERR-01” will go away.


Err-02: ESAM error. The safety chip ESAM is broken, and the ESAM or electric energy meter needs to be changed for maintenance.


◆Err-03: Internal card setup error

Err-04: The clock’s battery voltage is low. The battery voltage is low, and the “” sign on the LCD screen shows that the battery is low. If the power goes out, the time on the meter will be lost. At this time, the meter needs to be changed.


◆Err-05: Internal program error Memory loss or damage (Err-06)


Err-08: Clock failure – time mistake. You should check to see if the time on the meter is wrong.


Err-10: Authentication Error – No encryption worked or the remote key update failed.


Err-11: The ESAM check failed


Err-12: The customer number does not match the user card or the data sent remotely. A prompt will be shown if the user number is wrong.


Err-13: Wrong number of recharges. When the user card or remote settings are given out, the number of power purchases is wrong, and a prompt will be shown.


Err-14: Excessive hoarding of electricity purchases. Set to “999999.99” as the maximum value, and hoarding of excess electricity purchases (when buying electricity, this prompt will show if the remaining amount plus the amount of the current purchase is more than the hoarding amount limit).


Err-15: The on-site parameter setting card is not valid for this watch. If you put an on-site parameter card in a watch many times, the prompt will show the second time, or you can put in an on-site parameter card with a higher version number first. If you put in a card with a lower version number than the last one, this message will show up, or the number of on-site parameter cards will be full.


Err-16: Modify key error – ESAM under the official key, enter the modification under the test key, and the key card has this error.


Err-17: The lead seal key is not pressed; the programming key is not hit during programming.


Err-18: The card was taken out too soon. When the card was put in, it was taken out too quickly.


Err-19: The modified table number card is full (there is no free table number allocation for this card)—the number of table number cards is full.


Err-20: The number of times you can change the key card is zero, and the number of times you can change the key is also zero.


Err-21: The meter has already opened an account (the account opening card is inserted into the meter that has already been opened) – For the meter that has already been opened, enter the new account opening card again.


Err-22: The meter has not opened an account (the user card is inserted into the meter that has not yet been opened) – The used energy purchase card is inserted into the meter that has not yet opened an account, and the numbers of the two meters must be the same.


Err-23: Damaged card or unknown type of card (like backward card insertion, iron insertion, etc.) – Insert card backwards, insert iron


Err-24: The voltage of the meter is too low (at this time, the operation of the IC card by the meter may cause the meter to reset or damage the IC card) – The voltage of the meter is too low, and this message will show when the card is inserted.


Err-25: The card file format is wrong (including frame header error, frame end error, and validation error)


“Err-26: Wrong card type”(If the user type on the user card or the field parameter card doesn’t match the user type on the parameter prefabricated card, this prompt will show when the user card or the field parameter card is inserted.)


Err-27: New account opening card that has already opened an account (the new account opening card has data in the write-back area) – a new account opening card that has already opened an account (the used account opening card should be put into the unopened table, requiring two tables). The names of the tables are the same.)


Err-28: Other mistakes (wrong card selection file, wrong file reading, some files are wrong, etc.) “ERR-28” will show up on the account opening card if the meter number is wrong or if the power buy times are not 1


Err-51: Overload: The meter wheel will show “Err-51” if the user puts on a load that is more than 1.2 times the highest current.


Err-52: The current is very out of balance. Single-phase meters don’t care.


Err-53: Overvoltage. The voltage is more than 1.15 times the rated voltage. Un

Err-54: The power factor is too high. The user’s external power factor is less than 0.2, and the meter wheel shows “Err-54.”


Err-55: Alarm event for too much busy demand


Err-56: The way of active energy changes (except for bidirectional metering). If the incoming and outgoing lines are switched, it will say “Err-56” and the LCD will flash.


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