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ECOMI Coin is a Singapore-based technology company in digestible collectible space.

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Explorers: explorer.gochain

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About ECOMI Coin

Founder: David Yu, 1996

Max Supply: 1,015,055,200 Coins (as of Jan 2021)

Market Rank: 212 (as of Jan 2021)

ECOMI Coin is made up of two different elements: the former ECOMI Collect ecosystem (now known as VeVe) and the ECOMI Secure Storage Wallet.

ECOMI Coin is a technology company based in Singapore which aims to lead the way in the emerging digital collectibles space, as well as protection of digital assets.


1. What Makes ECOMI Unique?

  • ECOMI allows users to both buy and sell digital collectibles, as well as show off their items with VeVe’s social media aspect.

2. How Many ECOMI (OMI) Coins Are There in Circulation?

  • The OMI token was first sold in an initial exchange offering on Bitforex as part of the private/pre-sale round, with a hard cap of 1,500 BTC. In every stage of the fundraising process, one OMI was equal to 1 satoshi.

3. How Is the ECOMI Network Secured?

  • The OMI token is a GO20 token, meaning that it is built on the GoChain blockchain.

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