Candy Dishwasher error codes


The Candy CDI 1012 fully integrated dishwasher has 12 place settings, five programs, and four temperature washes. With A grades for energy economy, how well it cleans, and how well it dries, it’s a very popular choice for a family appliance.

Want to know what to do when bad things happen? See here for a list of candy-washing error codes and how to fix them…

Candy Dishwasher error codes

Candy dishwasher trouble codes will help you figure out what’s wrong with your machine, even if it needs to be fixed by a professional. Here are some of the most common Candy washing problems and the codes that go with them:

E1 – Fill time out for water

This error code will show up if your dishwasher doesn’t fill with water. This could be a problem with the water source, the inlet valve, or the links to the inlet valve.

E2 – Drain water time out

This usually means that your dishwasher hasn’t drained water in an acceptable amount of time. This problem could be caused by the sink, the waste hose, the drain pump, or the pipes.

E3: Fault with the water heater

If your dishwasher won’t heat the water, it could be because the water heating element is broken or because there is a problem with the wiring to the main control module.

E4: Water gets in

If your dishwasher finds a leak, the anti-flood device will be turned on immediately. If there are no leaks, the connections to this part will need to be checked. If not, this problem could be caused by filters and drain lines that are clogged.

E5/E6: Fault in the electronic temperature control

This means that the temperature monitor in your dishwasher has found an open circuit. This could be because of the wires to the sensor or the control module. It could be that the temperature gauge is broken.

E7: Error due to a short circuit

Your dishwasher has found that either the temperature monitor or the main control board has a short circuit. Most of the time, the trouble is with the wiring.

E8: Problems with the water heater or filter plate

This error code will show if the filtering part is broken or if the filter plate is blocked.

Keep in mind that codes may be a little different for your type.

Candy CDI 1012 dishwasher problems

Some problems with the Candy CDI 1012 can be:

Results of a bad wash


This could be because the spray arms aren’t turning easily. If this is the case, the wash won’t be as clean. Food can get stuck in the jet holes of the spray arms, or the spray arms themselves may need to be fixed.

The dishwasher stinks.

If water is getting into your device from the sink drain, the pipe may need to be rerouted by a professional. This will make sure that the water from the sink drains into the sewer and not into the dishwasher.

Food particles and hard water salts can also build up inside the pipes and spray arms of your dishwasher, giving it an unpleasant smell. This might not happen if you run your machine through a long, hot program and use a dishwasher cleaner.


Water is constantly being let out.


This needs to be looked at by a plumber because the problem is usually caused by the exit pipe being too low. At least 40 cm should be above the floor for this pipe.

It sounds like the dishwasher is knocking.

If the spray arms bump into the dishes or silverware as they turn, the cabinet will make a knocking sound. To stop this from happening, the upper basket may need to be raised.

A loose or worn wash arm seal or bearing ring can also make a dishwasher noisy by making the spray arm stop working.


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